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Why you MUST have a corporate film for your company/business

A picture is worth a thousand words.......

and a video is worth a million pictures - Ankala Subbarao

Corporate films are often considered an extra expense for the average company. With video marketing on the rise and a video content strategy becoming an essential piece of any company website, the need for a professional corporate film is becoming even more crucial for small and large businesses.

Here are some of the top reasons why your business needs to have a corporate film:

Video is easy for customers to understand:

Video is one of the most comfortable ways for us to communicate and to explore complex information. Consumers embrace video content in marketing, demonstrations and for going through a variety of information. The content that we produce on film is something that we can absorb much faster and retain in a better format than we do from reading blogs or exploring other types of marketing content.

Videos offer a new way to rank:

Video content that is posted on Youtube offers better ways to rank. When you have a corporate film for your company, you will have a new content type that can rank on your page. Google ranks content based on keywords and the google video algorithms on Youtube offer the ability to rank keywords found in video descriptions, tags and in closed captions. Ranking in video content searches can give your business a whole new way to attract customers

Highly sharable:

A good quality corporate video has a greater tendency to go viral and to be highly sharable. Video is an excellent way to convey information and when you produce a video professionally, you will be able to generate a greater interest for your page and greater visibility for your brand

Content can be recycled:

You can edit aspects of the professional footage that is taken into new videos and produce ongoing content for your page. Having a professional film crew like us will generate footage that you can use in multiple videos and for professional results over time.

Contact us today to learn more about a corporate film for your company.

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